A creative collaboration showcasing original artwork.

The 1964 Artist Series was born out of a desire to create a one-of-a-kind, limited-release collection that celebrates craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation at the highest level.

To achieve this, 1964 Supply Co. asked some of today’s most influential and emerging visual artists to interpret the effects of one particular strain and turn their experience into a remarkable piece of art.

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Meet the creative minds behind the 1964 Artist Series.

The 1964 Artist Series features original artwork from the likes of Jeremy Fish, Tristan Eaton, Katie So, Joe Wilson, Ben Tour and many other trailblazing artists from around the world. Collect them all and enjoy the journey.

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Innovation and creativity can change the world.

The collection aims to supply experiences while pushing the boundaries of art, inspiring audiences everywhere to realize that the horizon of creativity is limitless. We are part of a movement and we hope you’ll join us.

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