1964 Artist Series

A unique artist series that straddles the line between fantasy and reality.

The 1964 Artist Series aims to promote creative expression and opens the door to new and thought-provoking experiences. To achieve this, 1964 Supply Co. commissioned world-renowned artists to interpret the effects of a particular strain and illustrate their experience through unique and eye-catching designs.

Check them out for yourself, we know you’ll like what you see.


Ben Tour

Super Silverhaze

Coté Escrivá

Strawberry Diesel

Lauren Young Smith

Pineapple Express

Tristan Eaton

Og Sour Diesel

Jeremy Fish

Og Kush

Joe Wilson

Lambs Bread

Joe Wilson

Green Crack

Hudson Christie

Grape Og

Tristan Eaton

Bubba Kush

Katie So

Blue Dream

Joe Wilson

Lemon Haze

Ben Frey

1964 Supply Co

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